Digital Marketing for Physicians

Providing a quality online presence for your practice.

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80% of us only look at the first page of search results…

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Clinic owners, practice managers, dentists, and doctors

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  • Don’t depend on insurance for referrals
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Forget multiple applications and incompatible online tools

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  • Online marketing strategies
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Physicians are an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, many do not have the online representation that they deserve.

Trying to develop an online presence can be difficult. We have been working with a variety of businesses and industries online for over a decade. Our experience has taught us that while Physicians are an overlooked and undervalued segment of the community because many times they rely on the insurance website database to generate patients. With the increased demand for more options in the medical community, we are able to cross-promote and build out a solid online presence for your practice.

To rely on the insurance physician listings has been the strategy for many years, the ever-changing landscape that doctors are navigating has left them with fewer patients and more scrambling to increase their business. Yes, your medical practice is most definitely a business that you can not only promote but grow to accommodate your future goals. Small business professionals trying to get found online have to understand web marketing phrases and topics like SEO, content marketing, social media, backlinks, meta-tags, Google maps, local search engine placement and more.

If you are like most business professionals, you barely have enough time each week and month to take care of your business as is, much less extra time to invest in learning how to keep the search engines happy and sending you free, relevant, qualified leads and prospects.

Even if you did have time to figure out this thing called search engine optimization, where do you begin? If you are not receiving the amount of free search engine traffic you would like, what needs fixing? Your website looks great, you paid a lot of money for a flashy, modern-looking internet presence, but can that be part of the problem?

You have taken the time to write some really great content that you know will help the people you are looking to serve. How come no one is reading it? Where are all the web visitors that you were told you would get simply by building a website?

Do you ever look past the 2nd or 3rd page of results?

Only 8% of search engine users review more than the first 3 pages prior to clicking on a result.

That should be enough motivation for you to find a way to reach page one search engine results for important keywords and phrases relevant to what you have to offer.

You probably already understand this. Small business professionals like yourself are more internet savvy than ever before. That means you know you need to be on page one when someone looks for a business just like yours. The problem is, how do you get there?