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Trying to develop an online presence can be difficult.

Small business owners trying to get found online have to understand web marketing phrases and topics like SEO, content marketing, social media, backlinks, meta-tags, Google maps, local search engine placement and more.

If you are like most business professionals, you barely have enough time each week and month to take care of your business as is, much less extra time to invest in learning how to keep the search engines happy and sending you free, relevant, qualified leads and prospects.

Even if you did have time to figure out this thing called search engine optimization, where do you begin? If you are not receiving the amount of free search engine traffic you would like, what needs fixing? Your website looks great, you paid a lot of money for a flashy, modern looking internet presence, but can that be part of the problem?

You have taken the time to write some really great content that you know will help the people you are looking to serve. How come no one is reading it? Where are all the web visitors that you were told you would get simply by building a website?

The answer is a dirty little word called … SEO.

Yes, you are probably familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization.

This is a practice by which you “speak” to search engines like Google and Bing in their preferred language, and they understand what you are trying to say. In return, your SEO efforts, when handled correctly, result in plenty of free traffic that is already qualified, individuals who are looking for exactly what you are offering.

Why You Need Page One Search Results

Consider these 2 powerful search engine facts …

  • More than 80% of all web surfers click on a search engine listing that appears on page one of the search results.
  • Only 8% of search engine users review more than the first 3 pages prior to clicking on a result
That should be enough motivation for you to find a way to reach page one search engine results for important keywords and phrases relevant to what you have to offer.

You probably already understand this. Small business professionals like yourself are more internet savvy than ever before. That means you know you need to be on page one when someone looks for a business just like yours. The problem is, how do you get there?

Local Search is Big, and Getting Bigger

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you need to own the local search traffic in your area. Imagine for a moment that you are an orthodontist. Someone in your town is suffering from drastic overbite, and they are looking for a dentist just like you. They type “your town orthodontist”, “overbite dental specialist” or some other related term into an Internet search engine.

In less than a second, they are staring at your business listing on page one of the search results. This is because an Internet marketing specialist correctly related what you are offering to web search engines like Google, Bing and others.

Now imagine the same scenario, except your competitor is getting that prospective client’s attention. Not good, huh?

Your website is lost somewhere on page 4 or page 10 or worse, meaning that you will very seldom, if ever, see any significant search engine love, and the free, qualified traffic that comes with it.

Why Web Surfers Stick to Page One

In 2017, more than 60% of all web searches are taking place on a mobile device. People looking for a solution to some problem in their lives sometimes just have enough time to whip out their cell phone, make a quick search, and save the details for later. This is because most people
are incredibly busy these days, probably more than ever before in the history of mankind.

You only have to look at your own hectic, busy schedule to understand this. What does this mean as far as optimizing your website for search engines goes?

It means that people almost never take the time to look at the search results past page one.
They just don’t have the time. Research shows that most people searching for local businesses do so on a mobile device. They only take a few seconds, possibly a minute or two, to look at the listings they get. When they have time later, at their leisure, they complete the search on a desktop or laptop PC.
Another reason the average web surfer doesn’t usually look past page 1 on search results is reputation. People automatically assume that the search engines put the most relevant and reputable businesses on the very first page of search results when they are looking for a particular phrase, product or service. Don’t you? Sure you do.
Because of these two reasons, it is absolutely imperative that your business makes it to page 1 for all of the important keywords and related phrases that apply to your business and the benefits you offer your customers.
This is true whether you have a thriving medical practice, or whether you are a plumber, carpenter, mechanic,
engineer or any business professional looking to optimize your online presence area.

How We Can Help You

At Page1Doctors we understand that search engine spiders “read” your website different than human beings do. However, we also intimately embrace the idea that eventually, a human being is going to be reading the content on your website. This means that we work very hard to please the search engines so that you receive plenty of free traffic, all the while understanding that real people are reading your message.

This is important because people have to respect and trust you before they do business with you. This is why social proof in the form of testimonials, social media kudos and reviews can be effective web marketing tools to improve your search engine results.
Rather than employing old school SEO tactics that can get your website sandboxed (unlisted by the search engines), we focus on web marketing and design tactics that work right now. We understand, and you should as well, that no one is really looking for your business or service. That may hurt your feelings, but there it is.

What people are looking for is nothing more than a solution to some big problem in their life.

We keep this in mind, thinking from the point of view of your prospect first and foremost, and then tweaking your online content so that it gives the search engines exactly what they are looking for.
The bottom line is this – you can capitalize on the free traffic that the search engines want to give you, or your competitor can do it instead.

What Happens Next

We would be proud to count you as another satisfied client. When you fill out this contact form, we will put your website or other web presence through our diagnostic checklist that reveals web marketing opportunities. We will discuss with you exactly the results you should expect, a time frame for those expectations, and exactly how we are going to help you improve your online presence.

Back in the early days of the internet, if you slapped up just about any type of website, you could expect serious traffic. The search engines are much smarter these days, and they have to be, because there are so many businesses fighting for the same customers as you. These days you have to please your customer with the content you are putting online, and keep the search engines happy as well.

That is exactly what we know how to do here at Page1Doctors, and we would love to work with you to help you realize the results you expect from your online marketing efforts.

Look at online marketing as an investment in your business. We do. We understand that as with any investment, you expect and deserve a positive return. We work very hard to make sure you get exactly that, and look forward to hearing from you.